IOACON 2023 will dedicate symposia in various specialties to the ‘Young Surgeons’. The aim is to facilitate the participation of young surgeons as faculty in a scientific menu of the IOACON and provide them with a platform to showcase their skills, academic proficiency and leadership qualities.

The conference intends to facilitate opportunities for young surgeons to become involved in the IOA, fostering openness to new ideas and fresh perspectives while having fun. The objective is to acknowledge and encourage the contribution of younger surgeons to the academics of the country.

So if you are a young Turk, below the age of 45 years on January 1, 2023, and are doing extraordinary clinical work or scientific research that you wish to showcase at IOACON 2023, this is your chance. Write to us at ysflko2023@gmail.com

YSF Chairmen

| Dr. Pulak Sharma

| Dr. Vinit Yadav

YSF Co-Chairmen

| Dr. Abhishek Agrawal

| Dr. Mohammad Faizan

| Dr. Rajat Kapoor

YSF Secretaries

| Dr. Faisal Afaque

| Dr. Saumitra Dwivedi

| Dr. Ravi Khanka